Evidian Web Access Manager Security Management Training

Security Management in Evidian Web Access Manager: advanced course

Duration: 3 Days Objectives: Be able to design, translate, apply and control a security policy with all products features.


  • Have completed basic training module
  • Be familiar with UNIX commands lines
  • Knowledge of LDAP
Manual is in English. Contents: The items covered include:
  • Implementing Authentication Policies
    • Primary
      • Built-in Authentications (with user choice)
      • Capacity of Multi-directories (with user choice)
      • Password Policies
      • The levels of authentication
      • SAML
    • Secondary
      • Local
      • Provisioned
      • E-SSO
      • SAML
    • Resetting Password and Self-Administration services
  • Auditing and Tracing
  • LDAP Filter for dynamics groups
  • Access Control Lists
    • Built-In
    • Custom
Product version: 8 Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, Labs Standard price: 1800 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 6 participants max virtual offices