Evidian Web Access Manager Application Management Training

Application Management in Evidian Web Access Manager: advanced course

Duration: 4 Days Objectives: Be able to enlist a complex web application which cannot be done by standard enlistment features
  • Understand behavior of WAM Gateway and Web Applications
  • Design a secure solution to obtain the desired behavior
  • Apply the solution with complex tools (EPO, Substitution)


  • Have completed basic training module
  • Be familiar with UNIX commands lines
  • In-depth knowledge of the HTTP protocol
    • Headers, GET and POST methods
  • In-depth knowledge of languages ​​or standards:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Document Object Model

Manual is in English.

Contents: The items covered include:
  • Methodology of enlisting nonstandard HTML applications (eg : Ajax, Flex)
    • Forms Additional Datas
    • Use of advanced analysis tools
      • Web Development Tools
      • The network dump lpfsnoop function
      • Analysis of logging files
    • Extended Parse Over Rules
    • Specific Apache Directives (lpfsubstitute)
    • Standard Injection DataDevelopment of micro JavaScript functions
  • Demonstration with one Flex and one Dynamic JS Applications
Product version: 8 Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, Labs Standard price: 2400 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 6 participants max www.tourabe.com