Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (Passlogix) Replacement

Evidian offers a simple and cost-effective program that enables the migration from Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (Passlogix)

With the migration of Windows PC and Servers, introduction of macOS PCs and Mobile with iOS and Android, many companies are facing obsolescence of their Oracle Enterprise SSO (ESSO) formerly Passlogix and are obliged to replace their password manager solution.

Evidian Enterprise SSO (E-SSO) is the perfect solution to replace Oracle ESSO. Evidian is able to automate the migration of Oracle ESSO for customers moving to new Windows infrastructure (Windows 2019 and Windows 10) needing support of Chromium and new version of browser while continuing to deliver IT Services based on Oracle E-business, Unix, SAP, IBM Mainframe using Java, HLLAPI, Putty, Green screen emulators (5250 and 3270).

Since many incumbent enterprise SSO implementations are today facing the challenge of the technology disruption, announcing soon the end-of-life for the service they must continue to deliver to their users and compromising the security demanded for the password management. 

Evidian, Citrix Partner and RSA (SecurID) Partner is improving its Replacement Program of incumbent enterprise SSO products to Evidian E-SSO. This program is intended for Company using Oracle ESSO who want to migrate to the Evidian E-SSO solution.

The migration to Evidian, the market leader for Enterprise Single Sign-On, ensures business continuity at all times for your user’s authentication, password management and single sign-on needs.

Evidian E-SSO is successful engaged in replacement of obsolete incumbent solutions without modifying  company’s application and infrastructure protecting your IT investments. Evidian E-SSO has been successfully deployed in multiple Fortune 500 companies. Today over 5 Million workers around the globe enjoy a single sign-on experience. It is their satisfaction and feedback with our skill and support that makes Evidian a strong and reliable vendor in the authentication and security marketplace.

Furthermore, Evidian E-SSO is a Citrix Ready certified product. The Citrix Ready certification identifies verified solutions that are trusted to enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix®. It gives customers an added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering.

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By using Evidian Enterprise SSO you free your users to memorize and type passwords, you refrain password proliferation and you enhance the password authentication and your cyber security.

Automatic transfer of the SSO data from Oracle ESSO to Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian Enterprise SSO automatically re-directs SSO data (Id and Password) from Oracle ESSO (Passlogix) and stores them into its own data repository. This migration is totally transparent for your end-users.

Business continuity

Both products having similar look and feel, workers are never impacted in their daily activity. The transition towards the market leader Evidian is carried out thanks to a simple software add-on. This program is simple to use and reliable; it has been tested on several projects around the globe.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Evidian SSO offers the possibility to automatically provision SSO data (application, accounts, Id and Password) from your own Identity Management solution using its user provisioning feature and the API or Web Service exposed and documented by Evidian Enterprise SSO.

Evidian E-SSO leverages the existing infrastructure, therefore Companies migrating from Oracle ESSO (Passlogix) do not require an additional infrastructure. The migration project is simple, straightforward with limited professional services involved.

While the user is migrating from Oracle ESSO to Evidian E-SSO, the single sign-on will keep on running seamlessly.

Evidian E-SSO also extends and brings additional features most of which are unique in the market such as: complete support of applications SAP, Windows 10, Edge Chromium, iOS and Android devices, mobility support, account delegation, four eyes authentication, password vault, complete reporting tool, monitoring tool, Cloud and as-a-service access…

For peace of mind, protect assets, invest in the future with the Enterprise Single Sign-On market leader.

Evidian has a strategic focus on access management with core competencies in single sign-on, strong authentication, web access management, identity federation, governance of identities and administration of access.

Evidian provides solutions and services that enable workers to log-on to their applications, both legacy and web based, from any end point terminal or mobile device easily, securely and cost-effectively.

Evidian is your partner for a future-proof solution.