ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On Migration

Evidian offers a simple and cost-effective program that enables the migration of ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On to Evidian Enterprise SSO

HID announced the end-of-life for its product ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On, on the March 31st 2017, see ActivIdentity Product Support Life Cycle.

Consequently HID customers are using a discontinued SSO product.

Evidian, the market leader for Enterprise SSO, offers the solution to benefit from a secure, easy to implement enterprise single sign-on, used by millions of users and thousands of companies. The Evidian solution allows users to benefit from extended capabilities compared to ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On. Evidian offers solutions for safe Self-Service Password Reset and multifactor authentication methods.  It is available on Windows, Android and iOS and it supports virtualized desktop infrastructures and terminal server emulators.

Evidian launches the ActivIdentity SecureLogin to Evidian Enterprise SSO Migration Program. This program is intended to ActivIdentity  SSO users who want to continue benefiting from secure Single Sign-On and extending possibilities for platform support, security features, mobility usage, Cloud and as-a-service access.

Evidian Enterprise SSO is the perfect solution to replace ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On. Indeed, Evidian is able to automate the migration steps. Evidian ensures business continuity at all times for your end-users authentication and Single Sign-On needs.

Multiple Fortune 500 companies have successfully deployed Evidian Enterprise SSO. Today over 5 Million users around the globe enjoy a Single Sign On experience. It is their satisfaction and feedback combined with our skill and support that makes Evidian a strong and reliable vendor in the authentication and security marketplace.

Furthermore, Evidian Enterprise SSO is an HID partner interoperable with a large range of HID solutions.

By using Evidian Enterprise SSO you free your users from memorizing and typing passwords, you limit password proliferation and you enhance the password authentication security.

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Automatic transfer of the SSO data from ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On to Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian Enterprise SSO automatically re-directs SSO data (Id and Password) from ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On and stores them into its own data repository. This migration is totally transparent for your end-users.

Business continuity

Both products having similar look and feel the end-users are never impacted in their daily work. The transition towards the market leader Evidian is carried out thanks to a simple software add-on. This program is simple to use and reliable; it has been tested on several projects around the globe.

Cost reduction

Evidian Enterprise SSO leverages the existing infrastructure, therefore new customers, migrating from ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On do not require an additional infrastructure. The migration project is simple, straightforward with very little professional services involved.

While the user is migrating from ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On to Evidian Enterprise SSO, the Single Sign-On will keep on running seamlessly.

Evidian Enterprise SSO also extends and brings additional features most of which are unique in the market such as: complete support of applications SAP, Windows 10 and Edge, iOS and Android devices, mobility support, account delegation, password vault, complete reporting tool, Cloud and as-a-service access …

For peace of mind, invest in the market leader

Evidian has a strategic focus on access management with core competencies in Single Sign-On, strong authentication, web access management, identity governance and administration.

Evidian provides solutions and services that enable your employees to log on to their applications, both legacy and web based, from any end point terminal or mobile device easily, securely and cost-effectively.

Evidian is your partner for a future-proof solution.