Evidian > Evidian extends its single sign-on (SSO) solutions to smart devices

Evidian extends its single sign-on (SSO) solutions to smart devices

Evidian, a subsidiary of Bull, an Atos company – Europe’s leading supplier of Identity and Access Management (IAM) software – has just launched version 9 of its flagship de Single Sign-On and authentication solutions: ‘Enterprise SSO’, ‘Authentication Manager’ and ‘Web Access Manager’. This new version extends SSO to tablets and phones, transforming mobile devices to support strong authentication.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a cyber-security solution that allows a user to access multiple applications or secure Web sites all via a single authentication process.

The new ‘Enterprise SSO for Mobiles’ module means users no longer have to input passwords for their iOS and Android devices. With ‘Enterprise SSO for Mobiles’ all mobile terminals become access points controlled by the organization and, as far as the user is concerned, are transformed into strong authentication devices. The user shares a genuine personal secure electronic strong-box, on all his or her PCs, tablets and smartphones, inside and outside the company. With SSO, passwords can be as complex as necessary, without the user having to memorize them. To meet regulatory requirements, version 9 is accompanied by reports on any risks that have been identified.

The new version of Evidian’s ‘Web Access Manager’ (WAM) makes strong authentication using one-time passwords – via phone and smartphone – widely available. The new ‘QRentry’ function in Evidian WAM lets the user access the company’s Web portal from any PC or tablet by scanning a QR Code™, even without network access. QRentry is available from app stores. Evidian WAM also supports single sign-on via thin client and now means authentication for social networks can be delegated.
“At Evidian, we believe that confidentiality and integrity shouldn’t compromise ease of access,” said Louis-Marie Fouchard, CEO of Evidian, a Bull Group subsidiary. “Our solutions make secure mobile access more widely available and easier to use. To facilitate the implementation of our solutions, this new version natively supports Microsoft FIM and Office 365.”

“Our customers are creating Cloud-based systems, deploying their applications on tablets and making widespread use of BYOD. They push us to constantly innovate in terms of cyber-security, to enhance the experience of their users, and free up their time to devote themselves to their core business,” said Philippe Duluc, Vice-President of Bull’s Security Division.

For more information: https://www.evidian.com/products/enterprise-sso/enterprise-sso-for-mobile-solution-for-android-sso-ios-sso/ 

About Evidian, a subsidiary of Bull, an Atos company, is the European leader and one of the major worldwide vendors of identity and access management software. Evidian has numerous offices and partners throughout the world. Evidian software helps over 900 organizations in the world improve their agility, enhance security and comply with laws and regulations, while reducing costs.