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Nantes University Hospital

Nantes University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes)

Evidian Identity and Access Management solution has been successfully deployed by Nantes University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes). The European Identity & Cloud Award 2015 for "Best Identity and Access Management Project" went to the Nantes University Hospital for its innovative approach in solving healthcare issues.

The Nantes University Hospital project involved setting up a multi-functional corporate smart card, and optimizing identity and authorization management. Implementing the Evidian solution has strengthened the Hospital's security policy when it comes to accessing medical data, in particular to comply with the national confidentiality directive.

The identity management project involves 12,000 employees, more than 2,000 external staff, 7,000 workstations and more than twenty application; with a 20% annual turnover and job rotation of medical personnel. The roll-out of the solution at Nantes University Hospital has been backed up by change management support for users, involving senior management from the Hospital and its Corporate Communications Department.

"The Evidian solution manages the kind of complex scenarios typically found in a university hospital: rapid switchover of a PC session in shared mode, roaming sessions for the same user logging on to different PCs in the same day... Evidian also manages the workflow of authorizations, from the point where a new employee joins the hospital (upstream provision of user IDs, implementation of rights policies) to their departure (removal of identities and rights)," explained Cedric Cartau, Information Systems Security Manager at Nantes University Hospital.

"We valued the solution's ability to implement authorization policies that are not only set centrally, but must also be defined by the departments actually responsible for policies in their own functional areas: the software knows how to do it all, but it still has to be expressed unambiguously," Cedric Cartau added.