Evidian LDAP Directory with high availability and unlimited scalability

White paper on an all-in-one solution for LDAP directory, LDAP high availability, LDAP scalability and metadirectory

The Evidian LDAP Directory provides a standards-compliant, high-performance, highly available, highly reliable directory service with near-linear scalability. Evidian Directory can act as the identity store for employees, customers, trading partners, subscribers, and other e-business entities. It can also serve as a provisioning, access management and metadirectory repository, to provide a single point of access to the information within disparate and heterogeneous directories available in an enterprise network or cloud environment for user management and provisioning.

For LDAP Directory high availability and reliability, Evidian Directory supports distribution, replication and floating master failover (a software solution instead of adding hardware clusters).

For LDAP Directory scalability, the database kernel is designed to permit linear scalability in a single directory server. Benefits: Evidian Directory can accommodate future growth on existing hardware configurations, can scale rapidly to store huge number of users in an extranet or cloud deployment and can scale from workgroup to enterprise to e-business directory roles.

For metadirectory, Evidian Directory supports high-performance export to LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) files. This permits administrators to carry out bulk data transfers and to integrate Evidian Directory with other directories and especially to use it as a metadirectory store.

Discover in this white paper how Evidian Directory provides an all-in-one solution for LDAP directory, LDAP high availability, LDAP scalability and metadirectory.

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