Multi User Desktop - Adapting our layout to your needs

Multi User Desktop

In order to reduce costs in purchasing workstations, many companies use shared workstations with generic accounts to access the session without having to log off and log back in to the session. However, with generic accounts knowing who authenticated to the workstation and at what time cannot be audited. This creates a lack of security within the business environment, as anyone can access the generic session without anyone noticing.

Thanks to the Multi-user Desktop, employees are able to safely switch users in a few seconds. All features of Authentication Manager are integrated into this configuration. You will be able to change user comfortably thanks to methods such as RFID. Each user will be able to login to their desktop within the same generic account.

The Evidian Multi-User Desktop  presents an interface that may hide the desktop as long as no user occupies the workstation. The authentication methods supported are those defined by your company. Multi User Desktop can use all Strong Authentication Methods supported by Authentication Manager.

They include:

  • Biometrics (Fingerprint or vein)
  • Smart cards,
  • RFID,
  • Login / password pair
  • Connected objects using Nymi wristbands
  • OTP by e-mail or SMS
  • QRcode with the QRentry application

When a user authenticates there is no Windows logon. The user's Enterprise SSO engine gives him access to the applications to which he is entitled, without having to memorize each password.

When the user leaves the workstation, his application environment can be hidden by the Multi User Desktop.

When the user returns to the same computer, his environment is returned to him.

Authentiations to the Multi User Desktop are audited. An administrator can retrieve who had access to the generic windows account, and at what time each collaborator autenticated to their Enteprise SSO environment.

Video on Evidian Multi User Dekstop with a Microsoft Surface Pro.