Reset a Windows password with a Windows password recovery tool

How to reset a Windows password or PIN code with a Windows password recovery tool even if your PC is disconnected?

Keep the business going even if you forgot your Windows password, locked your account or damaged your smartcard. This video shows how the Evidian Windows password recovery tool  allows an emergency access to your applications in any situation. This tool which allows reset of Windows passwords or PIN codes is a key feature of the Evidian Authentication Manager product. It is also known under the name of Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR).

Windows password and PIN code reset through Evidian Authentication Manager

If the Windows password recovery tool is configured with the following procedure , mobile users can reset their access even if they are not connected:

1. Configuration phase

The administrator configures security profiles to enable the Windows password/PIN reset from Authentication Manager.

2. Initialization phase

The first time the user opens his Windows session, Authentication Manager prompts him to record answers and questions according to the configuration set by the administrator.

3. Windows Password/PIN reset phase

To reset his password or PIN, the user answers to the series of personal questions asked by Authentication Manager.

Other methods to reset Windows passwords with Authentication Manager