Atos delivers a new version of Evidian SafeKit, its 100% software high availability product with zero extra hardware.

Today, the new SafeKit 7.3 version is delivered on Windows 2012 R2 & 2016 and on Linux Red Hat 6 & 7 with 3-node replication on Windows and Linux and full resynchronization for large volume of data with a physical transport of an external device between servers.


Bezons, 17 January 2018 – Atos, an international leader in digital services, announced today the development of its high-availability software, Evidian SafeKit 7.3 on Windows and Linux.

Today, the new SafeKit 7.3 version is delivered on Windows 2012 R2 & 2016 and on Linux Red Hat 6 & 7. It offers the functionality for 3-node replication on Windows and Linux. For large volume of data, full resynchronization can be made with a physical transport of an external disk between servers without passing data through the network. After the physical transport, SafeKit 7.3 resynchronizes only modified zones through the network between both servers. A free trial of SafeKit 7.3 is available here.


Bruno Rochat, Product Line Manager for Evidian SafeKit at Atos, explains:

“Evidian SafeKit is a very original high availability product on the market. This 100% software high-availability product requires no extra hardware and combines load-balancing, real-time replication of data and automatic application failover after a hardware or a software failure. SafeKit is appreciated by our customers for its ease of use. It does not require any particular know-how in the domain of high availability. It can be implemented in a standard hardware infrastructure which may be virtualised. It works with standard editions of Operating Systems and databases. SafeKit is the ideal product for a partner who wants to add a high availability option to its catalog with its application.”

Evidian, the European leader in identity and access management (IAM), offers solutions guaranteeing that only the right people access the right resources with the required rights for the right business reasons. Evidian SafeKit guarantees 24/7 operation of IAM applications as well as of mission critical applications of Evidian partners.

For more information on Evidian SafeKit high-availability software click here.