Evidian > Access Securely any application from any terminal with the version 10 of Evidian Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager

Access Securely any application from any terminal with the version 10 of Evidian Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager

Evidian , the European identity and access management software leader, announces the release of version 10 of its flagship products Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager.

The new features facilitate user access to all applications from all terminal types. This new version generalizes the support of Windows Hello, macOS, smartphones running on iOS and Android as well as Windows/Linux Thin Clients.

Evidian simplifies the deployment of multifactor authentication and provides new self-service password reset methods, such as One Time Password or Mobile Push  notifications.

Evidian Enterprise SSO facilitates access from any device wherever you are; the solution is available on premises or in the cloud (managed services or as a service).

Version 10 of Evidian Authentication Manager answers the most demanding requirements such as in healthcare, banking and retail. With this new version:

Version 10 is particularly suited to manage access to shared sessions, especially in demanding environments such as hospitals, corporate investment banks, sales points and shop floors. For example, clinicians can switch one after the other in less than two seconds. Staff in labs can reduce time to authenticate from 30 to 3 seconds; they quickly access their application contexts by swiping an RFID badge, a smart band or using biometrics.

Enterprise SSO 10 is also the first enterprise SSO solution that natively supports Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. More than 5 million business users are using Enterprise SSO. Evidian WAM is Evidian’s complementary solution that adds the Identity Provider feature.

For Evidian, the use of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, …) must not restrain user access to applications. Data confidentiality and integrity and the authentication level must be adapted to this usage. That is why this new version is focused on the availability of secure access at any time with any devices” said Sebastien Brachet, the Evidian COO.

Evidian has been selected by companies that try to reinvent authentication, by deploying Cloud applications and generalizing the use of macOS and Windows Hello. This is a major advantage for us –our customers make it possible for us to develop the features that will be adopted by the market“.