Evidian DirX Products

Evidian DirX Products

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Evidian DirX portfolio for Identity and Access Management includes products for identity management and access governance, identity analytics and intelligence, Web access management, single sign-on, identity federation as well as directory services. With DirX, customers can choose from on premise, managed or cloud-based delivery models and benefit from enhanced regulatory compliance and audit capabilities, greater security, higher efficiency, and reduced overall costs. DirX is the leader in terms of scalability, reliability, and high availability and offers outstanding flexibility when it comes to the automated creation of users, assignment of rights, and operation. All products provide a wide range of RESTful interfaces for seamless integration with other customer solutions.

The Evidian DirX product suite has been in widespread use in a broad range of industries for over fifteen years. And we have our own pool of internal industry expertise as well as a network of partners – in the public sector, healthcare, financial services and power engineering, for example. That is why we can assess the needs of our customers so well and offer them tailored solutions for Identity and Access Management – ranging from project consulting, analysis and planning, solution implementation and maintenance to training. We are one of the pioneers in IAM technology and have always played an active part in standardization and innovation.

The Evidian DirX portfolio

Identity Management and Governance

The way enterprises and organizations approach Identity Management has changed substantially in the past years. Traditionally, IT departments have deployed Identity Management to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Today, centralized Identity Management is a core element of an enterprise’s security and risk management strategy. Managing and securing business processes require the consistent administration of users, roles and entitlements across applications and in business partner networks. Moreover, it is acknowledged that the management, review and audit of identities (Access Governance) are mandatory parts of corporate governance. DirX Identity provides a comprehensive, process-driven, customizable, cloud-ready, scalable and highly-available identity management solution for enterprises and organizations. It delivers risk-based identity and access governance functionality seamlessly integrated with automated provisioning. Features include life-cycle management for users and roles, cross-platform and rule-based provisioning in real-time, Web-based user self-service and delegated administration, request workflows, access certification, password management, metadirectory and auditing and reporting. DirX Identity gives the right people the right access to the right resources at the right time for the right reason and thus leads to improved productivity, cost control and information security. It also supports conformance with legislation and internal policies (compliance).

The benefits of Evidian DirX Identity

  • DirX Identity delivers unique flexibility for cost-effective automated administration of users and entitlements via its combination of role and rule based management.
  • DirX Identity’s integrated role lifecycle management avoids additional integration costs and speeds up deployments.
  • DirX Identity helps reduce complexity and managing risks through its sophisticated role management capabilities (RBAC, role hierarchies, context-based role assignments and SoD controls)
  • DirX Identity supports the ongoing management processes for risk management and compliance initiatives.
  • DirX Identity supports quick and easy adaption of Identity Management processes to customer requirements.
  • DirX Identity’s workflow web services (RESTful web services) provide for seamless integration with IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • DirX Identity’s comprehensive integration with SAP systems allows managing ERP and IT systems centrally and consistently.
  • DirX Identity’s rich set of connectors and interfaces provide for managing heterogeneous environments and allow for integration in horizontal (incl. cloud solutions like Office365 or Salesforce) and vertical solutions (PLM, healthcare, physical access, smartcards, unified communications, etc.).
  • DirX Identity has excellent data management capabilities to cleanse, consolidate and keep identities up-to-date.
  • DirX Identity is cloud-ready to deliver identity management from and to the cloud. A wide range of services focus on SPML / SOAP as well as RESTful API support for seamless integration

As well, with its high-availability and scalability options, DirX Identity delivers continuous and resilient services for business critical deployments.


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Identity Federation, Access Management, and SSO for the Connected World

Building an agile virtual enterprise using on- or off-premises applications, private and public cloud, or software as a service offerings, involves numerous security challenges. The emergence of cloud and mobile computing has heightened the need for strengthened risk-based access controls, especially for business critical data and services that ensure compliance with the authentication and authorization policies of the organizations.

DirX Access is a comprehensive, cloud-ready, scalable, and highly available access management solution providing policy- and risk-based authentication, authorization and federation for Web applications and services. DirX Access delivers single sign-on, versatile authentication, identity federation based on SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect, just-in-time provisioning, entitlement management and policy enforcement for applications and services in the cloud or on premise.

The benefits of Evidian DirX Access

  • DirX Access provides for the consistent enforcement of business security policies through external, centralized, policy-based authentication and authorization services.
  • DirX Access provides risk-based authentication to reduce the chances of inappropriate access, data breaches and identity theft.
  • DirX Access enhances Web user experience through local and federated single sign-on (SSO) allowing employees, customers, or partners to access multiple on premise or cloud resources with a single authentication step.
  • DirX Access secures eGovernment and eBusiness initiatives and provides seamless integration with business and organizational partners through identity federation.
  • DirX Access supports federated authentication according to SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect 1.0, that provides authentication functionality built on top of OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • DirX Access protects Web services and applications with authentication and authorization services, both on the premises and in the cloud.
  • DirX Access provides just-in-time provisioning to automatically create user accounts for cloud applications.
  • DirX Access decouples security management such as authentication and authorization from application logic and ensures consistent, fine-grained entitlement management across multiple applications and services.
  • DirX Access supports regulatory compliance with audit functionality, both within and across security domains.


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Identity Analytics and Intelligence

Identity Analytics and Intelligence is the process of producing, collecting, cleansing and correlating data about administration, authentication and authorization events and then transforming this data into actionable intelligence with respect to compliance regulations, business security policies and corporate risk management objectives.

DirX Audit provides auditors, security compliance officers and audit administrators with analytical insight and transparency for identity and access. Based on historical identity data and recorded events from the identity and access management processes, DirX Audit allows answering the “what, when, where, who and why” questions of user access and entitlements. DirX Audit features historical views and reports on identity data, a graphical dashboard with drill-down into individual events, a monitor for filtering, analyzing, correlating and review of identity-related events and job management for report generation. With its analytical features, DirX Audit helps enterprises and organizations to ensure sustainable compliance and provide business intelligence for the risk-based identity and access management processes.

The benefits of Evidian DirX Audit

  • Keeps track of changes to identities and identity-related data over time, allowing for reviewing identities in the past and point-in-time comparisons.
  • Risk-based analysis of identity data based on a configurable set of risk factors.
  • Convenient and cost-effective analysis and correlation of events and activities from different IAM sources in a single online user interface (additional audit sources can be configured and integrated).
  • Dashboard for fast and comprehensive insight into IAM operations through KPIs and trend analysis.
  • Sustainable compliance through continuous identity auditing of user access and entitlements.
  • Helps to provide the answers to the questions of "who did what, where, when and why".
  • Transforms raw IAM audit data into structured and actionable information.
  • Seamless integration with DirX Identity and DirX Access.


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High-end LDAP/X.500 Directory Server and LDAP Proxy

Directory services are critical components of today's highly interconnected business environment, providing the foundation for identity and access management across the ever-widening boundaries of the enterprise.

DirX Directory provides a standards-compliant, high-performance, highly available, highly reliable, highly scalable, and secure LDAP/X.500 directory server and LDAP proxy. DirX Directory can act as the identity store for employees, customers, partners, subscribers, and other IoT entities. It can also serve as a provisioning, access management and metadirectory repository, to provide a single point of access to the information within disparate and heterogeneous directories available in an enterprise network or cloud environment for user management and provisioning.

The benefits of Evidian DirX Directory

  • Leading: DirX Directory is a leading directory server product in terms of scalability, security, availability, and performance (based on the innovative, patented DBAM (Directory Basic Access Method) database technology).
  • Standards and compatibility: DirX Directory supports the LDAPv3 and X.500 directory standards.
  • Outstanding performance: DirX Directory is optimized for directory access, allowing fast response times and high throughput rates for parallel operations.
  • High availability and reliability: DirX Directory supports floating master replication for failover without service interruption.
  • Foundation for identity management: DirX Directory can manage user and subscriber profiles, digital certificates for public key infrastructures (PKIs), authorization and authentication information, access permissions and other relevant attributes for users and subscribers that control access to information, network resources, or distributed services.
  • Strong security: DirX Directory supports SSL/TLS for LDAP server and client authentication, X.500 DAP authentication, authorized user access control, encrypted communication, and server-side policies for local security management.
  • Linear scalability: DirX Directory accommodates future growth on existing hardware configurations, scales to 100+ millions of users for extranet or cloud deployments and scales from workgroup to enterprise to e-business and IoT directory roles.
  • Proxy: DirX Directory LDAP Proxy Server provides a central access point to a directory service for LDAP clients, and extends both scalability and availability.
  • Centralized administration: DirX Directory offers powerful graphical and command-based scriptable tools for centralized administration of a distributed directory system, including auditing, monitoring, and logging functions. For backup and recovery, DirX Directory supports full and differential saving in parallel with directory update operations.


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Ready for the Internet of Things and the Cloud

The Atos Identity Hub  for Siemens MindSphere follows the  design principles defined in a joint co-innovation project with Siemens.

Basic principles

  • State of the Art technology providing support for Cloud and IoT standards based on an open micro service architecture.
  • Compatibility with the Siemens Mindsphere platform and major could services (AWS, MS Azure,..)
  • Modern customizable GUIs following the mobile first concept (HTML5, material Design, ease-of-use)
  • Full cloud readiness and support for Single-Sign-On across the Ecosystem
  • Fast onboarding of users without initial CAPEX.