Share a windows login without sharing passwords

How to share login on a PC without sharing passwords?

Hospital, retail stores and production lines need to share a PC between multiple users. With Evidian Authentication Manager, there are no more auto-login or always open sessions. Users share login on a same PC but they do not share password. The video shows this with a RFID authentication. Each access is personal and audited by user name.

How it works?

The example in the video combines Evidian Authentication Manager for strong authentication with RFID and Evidian Enterprise SSO for Single Sign-On. After RFID authentication, users will not have to enter login/passwords to access their applications.

This solution which allows to share login is adapted to a PC used in public access. In this mode, the Windows session remains open, but the SSO context and the opening and the closing of the session are handled individually for each user, as illustrated in the following figure:

Share login on a PC but do not share password

Upon detection of a smart card or an active RFID device, Enterprise SSO starts and prompts the user for his/her PIN (smart card) or password (RFID). Once the user is authenticated, he/she can access his/her own applications. When the device is removed, Enterprise SSO is closed.

To know more about Enterprise SSO, we recommend this white paper: Enterprise SSO for all your applications.