Configure a Password Format Control Policy for a critical application

Indeed Evidian Enterprise SSO allows you to control the strength of your Passwords. You can configure your PFCP's to apply to all or part of your applications.

From the Enterprise Access Management console it is possible to apply a specific password policy to an application. The day a user must change his password he will have to respect the password complexity defined for the targeted application.

How to configure a PFCP for a specific application

Step 1: Linking a PFCP to an application profile

You can create an application profile in order to strengthen the access to a critical application. An application profile allows you link a Password Format Control Policy and a Password Generation Policy. This allows you to set different parameters than the ones applied to your user profiles.

Step 2: Choosing the correct application profile for the targeted application

In the Enterprise Access Management console you can configure the access properties of an application and change the application profile with the new one you have created. However it is mandatory to allow this application profile to be used as an access strategy

Step 3: Testing your application profile policy

Once you have added your new application profile and updated the workstation on which you want to test your new Password Format Control Policy, login to the workstation with the Enterprise Access Management client installed. When changing your password you will see an Enterprise SSO window appear, and you will have to create a password that would respect the policy of your new password format policy.