Two Evidian customers to present their case studies at Gartner Identity and & Access Management Summit 2012

PARIS – Evidian, the European identity and access management leader, announces that two Evidian customers will present their case studies during the Gartner Identity and & Access Management Summit that takes place on March 12-13th 2012 in London, UK.

The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit is the premier gathering for IT and business professionals responsible for IAM. The agenda focuses on the practicalities of delivering a successful, mature IAM program, the challenges and opportunities of new technologies and the need to incorporate and integrate with business and other disciplines.

In this session, attendees will be driven through a step-by-step journey on cutting the Gordian knot of access complexity, with reusable best practices. See how Sanofi built an internal consensus on access management by getting different stakeholders on board. Learn how to anticipate deployment roadblocks, both technical (the easy ones) and organizational. And understand how to keep top management on board with measurable metrics aligned with corporate strategy.

Identity and access management is an essential element to ensure a high level of information security. IAM projects are becoming popular because of various regulations, laws or constraints. Although at the start they may seem simple, many of them become rapidly complex, expensive and risky. To avoid or reduce those drifts, 3 keys items should be kept in mind: 1. IAM project is a business project and has to be really supported by the top management. 2. Project governance is essential. 3. Try to keep it simple - be pragmatic.

Evidian is a Silver sponsor of the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2012. During the Summit, Evidian will be available to present the latest evolutions of its Identity & Access Manager suite. Both case study presentations mentioned above will take place on March 13th 2012 at 11:30.

About Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2012

The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2012 will explore the future of identity & and access management (IAM) technologies and the changing market landscape. It will help organizations to promote desirable business outcomes, improve identity-relevant service levels and satisfy growing regulatory and compliance imperatives.

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