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The Paris subway selects Evidian SafeKit

PARIS - French transport authority RATP has chosen Evidian’s SafeKit software for the centralized control room on Line 1 of the Paris Metro, which carries some 725,000 passengers every day.

The solution is intended as part of the program to automate Line 1 of the Paris Metro. Evidian SafeKit improves the operation of applications that are vital to the business and cannot, therefore, be subject to even the slightest downtime. The solution has the additional advantage that it runs on systems that are already in place.

The management of the centralized control room for Line 1 is a critical application: even in the case of an IT failure, the control room operators must still have access to image and data regarding the subway network, in order to ensure service continuity and guarantee passenger safety.

This is why RATP selected SafeKit, on of the only product in the world to combine the following features:

  • High availability: providing guaranteed 24×7 supervision, thanks to back-up servers that are ready to take over, immediately, at all times
  • Load balancing: the application must be able to support a very large number of simultaneous connections
  • IT failure resistance: not all the servers are housed in the same place, which helps protect against fire or flooding, for example.

Automating Line 1 of the Paris Metro is a major project for RATP, required a centralized control room designed to resist IT failures. SafeKit ” a purely software solution ” delivers the three key functions we need: load balancing between servers, automatic failover after an incident and real-time data replication. It was very simple to split our servers across remote machine rooms,” says Stéphane Guilmin, Project Manager at RATP.

The Centralized Control Room (CCR) of a subway line is a hub of critical activity. The operators managing the line must react immediately to the slightest incident. The idea of an IT failure compromising the operators’ view of the line’s activity is totally unthinkable. More than 20 SafeKit clusters running under Windows and Linux are in operation on this project,” explains Bruno Rochat, SafeKit Product Manager at Bull Evidian. “Thanks to Bull’s expertise is mission-critical systems that this highly innovative product has been developed and is being marketed to address this type of challenge.”