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Evidian unveils a new evolution of its access management offer

PARIS - Evidian, the European identity and access management software leader, announces the availability of the new version 8 evolution 6 of its flagship products Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager. The new features significantly improve user access availability in any circumstance. The recent version generalizes the support of smartphones, accelerates disaster recovery, introduces new emergency access modes and facilitates access to cloud applications.

Enterprise SSO simplifies disaster recovery plans (DRP). Users can now receive the access codes to their applications on a smartphone or by e-mail. As a result, recovery is facilitated in the event of a major disaster affecting IT.

Evidian Authentication Manager now includes QRentry™, an Evidian-patented technology. QRentry is an innovative authentication method that provides emergency access to a PC by scanning a QR Code™. With this innovation, the user can authenticate with a smartphone even if he or she is not connected to the network. The new version greatly facilitates the deployment of strong authentication on enterprise laptops. QRentry uses an application installed on the user’s personal or corporate smartphone, and which can be downloaded from applications stores.

The new version 8 evolution 6 is particularly suited to managing access to sessions on a shared workstation, especially in demanding environments such as hospitals. Clinicians can follow one another on a workstation in less than two seconds. They quickly access their application contexts by swiping a smart card, an RFID token or using biometrics.

Enterprise SSO 8 evolution 6 is also the first enterprise SSO solution that natively supports Google Chrome ™ without additional plug-ins or browser extensions. In 2012, more than 4 million businesses are using Google Apps ™. Enterprise SSO now provides these users with seamless access to their data in the Cloud.

According to Evidian, data confidentiality and integrity must not come at the expense of access availability. That is why this new version is focused on the availability of secure access at all times” said Hassan Maad, the Evidian COO. “Evidian has been selected by companies that use advanced innovations on an everyday basis, deploy Cloud applications and generalize BYOD. This is a major advantage for us – our customers make it possible for us right now to deploy access control features that will be adopted very quickly by the market“.