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Evidian-led R&D project receives ITEA 2’s Gold Award

PARIS - Evidian, the European identity and access management leader, announces that the ITEA 2 pan-European strategic research program has given its highest distinction, the Gold Award, to the Evidian-led MULTIPOL project. The aim of MULTIPOL, an ambitious research project to which ten European companies and organizations contributed, is to coordinate security policies in the extended enterprise.

The gold award 2011 went to MULTIPOL, a project addressing smart access control to company infrastructures – physical and digital (buildings, offices, software, hardware, databases and applications). There the major challenge is to manage control across organizational boundaries, such as in post-merger integrations, subcontracting or virtual enterprises” said Rudolf Haggenmüller, the ITEA 2 Chairman.

MULTIPOL established a mathematical theory of access control in which mergers or cooperations are mathematical operations. The theory has been implemented in working software solutions, which generated concrete business impacts during the lifetime of the project: fast exploitation.”

The ITEA 2 prizes were awarded at the end of 2011 in Helsinki, Finland, during the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit. During the award ceremony, the Evidian representative stressed the innovative character of MULTIPOL, which will make it possible to strengthen and simplify Cloud security policy management.

This award is primarily the recognition of an exciting 3-year team effort. All partners contributed by their efforts to the success of a very ambitious project – and the results will reinforce European research in a concrete way on a very important topic” said Thierry Winter, MULTIPOL project coordinator and Evidian CTO.

The Gold Award will enable the MULTIPOL member organizations to promote our common results. This will push forward the state of the art on the coordination of inter-organization security policies. Of course, Evidian will take part in this effort as a major player in European research on identity and access management.”

For the duration of the MULTIPOL project, Evidian coordinated the contributions of THALES, EADS, Atos Origin, Answare, Innovalia, Nextel, ESI, City Passenger and Paris 12 University. In addition to MULTIPOL, Evidian is also a contributor to ITEA 2’s RoleID project. The MULTIPOL project was selected and co-financed by France’s Interior Ministry.

For more information about MULTIPOL see www.itea2-multipol.org

About ITEA 2

ITEA 2 is a strategic pan-European program for advanced pre-competitive R&D in software for Software-intensive Systems and Services (SiS). ITEA 2 stimulates and supports projects that will give European industry a leading edge in the area of SiS, in which software represents a significant segment in terms of system functionality, system development cost, risk and system development time. Its ambition is to mobilize a total of 20,000 person-years over the full eight-year period of the program. See www.itea2.org