Evidian > Evidian innovates with QRentry, a new access management technology

Evidian innovates with QRentry, a new access management technology

PARIS - Evidian, the European identity and access management software leader, today announced QRentry, a QR Code™ based solution integrated with Evidian’s access management product line.

QRentry is an innovative Evidian-patented technology that revolutionizes user authentication. Integrated with the Evidian Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager products, QRentry creates new usage opportunities while simplifying access.

Used with Evidian Authentication Manager, the rescue feature of QRentry drastically reduces help desk calls by allowing users to unlock themselves by scanning a QR Code. Using a personal or company smartphone, users can connect in emergency mode, under the control of the corporate security policy.

QRentry provides a real solution to the issue of uncontrolled access to the local administrator accounts of Windows PCs. By protecting local administrator accounts, QRentry securely manages technical interventions on employees’ PC, with the required traceability.

QRentry is a module of Evidian Authentication Manager, an authentication management offer that facilitates the deployment of strong authentication and enables elaborate authentication scenarios. QRentry is available for download on Android Market and soon on the Apple Store.

With QRentry, Evidian demonstrates once again its ability to innovate with the most advanced technology for our customers” said Hassan Maad, the Evidian COO. “QRentry provides a fast return on investment because it answers real problems for organizations and reduces the costs associated with managing the most critical access scenarios.

A low-footprint, secure and easily adopted solution

Dramatically decrease support costs

QRentry is the ideal complement of strong authentication deployments, which often generate helpdesk calls such as “lost smartcard” or “biometrics doesn’t work.” Now, when users lose their smartcard or badge, they unlock themselves using QRentry on their smartphone.

The result: an “always-on” emergency access for your users. The number of calls to the help desk drops drastically - there is nothing to memorize. A user can unlock himself, regardless of where he is located, even if the help desk is out of reach.

Securing local administrator accounts

Local administrator accounts are often a “back door” of the security policy. Technicians know how to access a PC with quasi-public passwords that are difficult to change.

With QRentry, any technician must scan a QR Code to access the local administrator account of a PC. Each access is recorded under the name of the person who actually performed it, and access privilege is removed in a few seconds. The end-user will no longer have access to the local administrator account.