Evidian > Evidian IAM, recognised as “overall leader” by KuppingerCole

Evidian IAM, recognised as “overall leader” by KuppingerCole

Atos, leading digital services provider, today announced that its cyber security solution, Evidian Identity & Access Management, has been ranked in three separate categories by KuppingerCole Ltd. as: “Overall Leader”, “Product Leader” and “Innovation Leader” in its latest report[1].

The Evidian IAM range, winner of numerous awards, is a professional, integrated and modular IAM[2]/IAG[3] solution. It provides identity and access management from start to finish and is scalable, allowing application for a large number of users, resources, organisations and devices. An adaptable solution, easy to deploy and manage, with a quick return on investment.

For KuppingerCole, European analyst company specialising in information security, “The Evidian solutions from Atos provide unique, cutting-edge authentication, solid products in the other IAM/IAG domains with closely integrated features, making it a good choice for medium-sized businesses”.

“This ranking bolsters the strategic product choices Atos offers in terms of cyber security. The Atos brand works exclusively to provide identity and access management solutions, and the integrated,  modular Evidian range allows organisations to ensure access to unique, targeted user information, at all times and from any device,’’ explained Chris Moret, Vice-President of Cyber Security, Atos.

The “IAM/IAG Leadership Compass” report is focused on the most comprehensive ranges, ideally covering all major aspects of identity and access management (IAM) and identity and access governance (IAG) in a fully integrated offering.

Download the KuppingerCole report  « IAM/IAG Leadership Compass which compares identity and access management solutions vendors » 

About KuppingerCole

Founded in 2004, KuppingerCole is a European analyst company specialising in information security focusing on identity management, in classic environments and the cloud. KuppingerCole provides expertise, thought leadership, and an independent vision of information security in these market segments. It covers all pertinent aspects such as identity and access management (IAM), governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), IT risk management, authentication and authorisation, unique authentication, federation, user-based identity management, eID cards, Cloud management and security, and virtualisation.

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[1] “Leadership Compass IAM/IAG-Suites”- November 2014

[2] IAM: Identity & Access Management or Gestion des identités et des accès, in French.

[3] IAG: Identity & Access Governance or Gouvernance des identités et des accès, in French.