Atos releases the new version of its Evidian Analytics and Intelligence solution

Published 8 February 2019

Atos' Evidian Analytics & Intelligence (A&I) evolution 1 includes enhanced analytics capabilities, with the add-on of access and entitlement usage data as new metrics, a set of dashboards and ad-hoc views focusing on user activity and risks; and the integration with Nagios® free and open source monitoring  application for alerting functionalities

Access and entitlement usage analytics

In this new release, access events (failed authentication, authentication methods, application and permission usage, etc.) are included in the product scope as new dimension for IAM audit events investigation. Evidian A&I places data at the heart of business processes, ready to be investigated by the Security Officer. Entitlement usage analysis enables faster and efficient decision making.

New dashboards and ad-hoc views

A new set of risk-oriented dashboards and ad-hoc views strengthen the existing range of analysis tools already available in the solution:

  • User authentications: to show and investigate the number of user authentication for a given period. The dashboard includes a view by organization, time and by method of authentication used.
  • User authentications risks: this dashboard highlights the risk related to user authentication based on a risk aggregation formula. An overall level of risk is computed and displayed by hour or by minute.
  • Users: this dashboard displays a comprehensive view of users by organization and for a given period. A drill-through shows the list of users for the selected time and organization.
  • Applications accesses: detailed view of successful and failed user’s access to applications and resources on the system for a given period (day, month, etc.).
  • Users with SoD violations: these charts depict and act on the user accounts with Segregation of Duties violations.
  • Users without entitlements: a dashboard to track users without any permission or role and launch remediation decisions.

Flexible dashboards and domains creation

Evidian A&I Portal allows you to create new dashboards using existing content but also to create your own new content by creating customized views and domains. Through the Dashboard Designer interface, you can start from scratch and build your own dashboard. You can edit existing content or even create new domains of analysis by selecting among both governance and access audit data. It is possible to request changes and create new domains in line with your business and specific to your organization’s entitlement policy.

Integration with Nagios® application

Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence now includes deep integration capabilities with Nagios® free and open source application to offer extensive monitoring  and alerting services.

Added to Evidian IAM Suite, this products integration enables organizations to quickly detect suspicious events and respond to network threats in an effective way.