Web Seminar: Are undue access rights putting your organization at risk?

You want to

  • Clean up accumulated users’ rights to reduce risk in your organization?
  • Easily manage and review those user’s rights?
  • Be even faster in your process by being able to target access rights based on their level of risk?

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November 9th 2017 at 3pm CET

Are undue access rights putting your organization at risk?

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Evidian Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) can help you in these 3 critical areas:
  • Security – Here is the thing: according to Gartner, 60% of the organizations will suffer Major Breaches by 2020 - “the question is not if, but when a cyber breach will happen”.
    Take a risk-driven and proactive approach to Identity and Access Management.
  • Compliance –Your review processes have to ensure conformity with legal and regulatory requirements, corporate policies and procedures.
    Use an automated process to answer regulatory compliance.
  • Time efficiency – Because managing Access Risk is a time-consuming task where you need to inventory, analyze and understand the access privileges granted to your users.
    Launch time efficient certification campaigns and take immediate action by targeting rights to certify and/or revoke access when it indicates risk.