Evidian Analytics and Intelligence transforms IAM raw data into actionable intelligence, in line with compliance regulations, business security policies and corporate risk management    objectives. Security professionals can now Collect, Process and Analyze access and identity data of their users to extract trends, alert and act directly on threaths.

4 steps towards data-driven IAM

Data Collection

A&I’s data enricher engine collects IAM audit data from all the Evidian IAM Suite modules to transform raw data into structured and actionable data. The solution allows users with administrator accounts to fully configure, manage and consult their data sources.



The solution adds structure to data sources by creating domains, business-oriented views of IAM events, in order to make data fully actionable for users when consulting and creating custom ad-hoc views and dashboards.



A&I’s core feature are the ad hoc views and dashboard. The MyDashboard feature allows you to create your own analysis and reporting tools. Powered by the domains, the ad hoc views editor enable users to visualize their data for analysis and report creation. Custom views are meant to be combined into smart and fully exportable dashboard interfaces to focus on specific Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).


Risk and Trends

The solution gives a new dimension to analysis with views based on audit of entitlements usage and associated risks. The Audit Analysis feature allows users to investigate the root-cause of IAM events. Alerting capabilities are allowed via the deep integration with Nagios® open source advanced monitoring application.