My Dashboard

Evidian Analytics and Intelligence is the perfect tool to power your data-driven IAM. You can build your own analysis and reporting interface with the smart Dashboard Designer and Ad Hoc Editor advanced features.

Evidian Analytics & Intelligence allows you to select and run pre-defined or customized dashboards. Select and run a dashboard from A&I Home Page and right-click on a dashboard to open a contextual window to Run, Open, Copy, Cut or Delete buttons that are available to work on your views.

Further features enable to:

Creating MyDashboard

Evidian A&I Portal allows you to create new dashboards using existing content but also to create your own new content by creating customized views and domains.

Through the Dashboard Designer interface, you can start from scratch and build your own dashboard by:

Taking existing views from different dashboards

Open the Parameter Mapping dialog interface and drag and drop views from the Existing Content list to your dashboard canvas.

Editing existing views

Right-click on a view to open the Properties menu to move or delete displayed charts, change filters names and values, background color, borders, toolbar, and refresh settings; you can then save and your view in the list of existing content.

Building your own view based on pre-defined domains

The Ad Hoc Editor is an interactive tool to create and edit ad hoc views based on different sources: topics (JRXML files), domains or other data sources. In the editor, open the Select Data wizard and choose your data. Once the domain selected, choose the filters and fields, change the display names of the data, create and save your view.

Creating and importing a new domain

Administrators can create new domains by specifying the tables in the database, join clauses, calculated fields and default properties. The administrator can then add the new domain to the repository. Users can now launch the Ad Hoc Editor,  select the data source and create an empty view based on the selected domains.


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