Reduce up to 50%

helpdesk calls for password reset*

*Based on analyst reports

107€ per user/ per year

Password-related helpdesk support and lost employee productivity*

Enterprise SSO as a Service

Secure Password Management and Single Sign-On as a Service for on-premise and cloud applications using passwords

Companies adopt more and more SaaS applications to lower their cost and increase agility.

Evidian Enterprise SSO as a service provides a seamless user experience by not requiring users to constantly re-enter passwords, one for each corporate and cloud application and/or environment. It generates strong passwords and connects your users to their applications automatically. These goals will be achieved without having to take on unnecessary infrastructure expenses or development burden, generating economy of scale.

  • Free users from remembering and typing passwords
  • Provide agile Single Sign-On to all users, businesses and organizations
  • Strongly increase the security level as well as the user satisfaction
  • Prevent from fraud based on stolen password
  • Secure sharing and delegation of credentials
  • Easy to use Secured Password Vault
  • Reduce help desk and employees password management tasks
  • Pay per use

Less complexity, more security

By automating password management, Evidian E-SSO simplifies your users’ lives and lets you drive your security policy.
With E-SSO as a service, you benefit from a solution easy to deploy and ready to use, freeing your organization from administration tasks and infrastructure management.

Simplified access and re-enforced security

Increase productivity     -     Optimise your costs     -     Audit and report


Simplified access and re-enforced security

Evidian Enterprise SSO as a service eliminates one of the primary threats of security: bypassing password procedures. Now, users no longer have to remember a multitude of credentials. With Enterprise SSO you will limit password sharing between  your employees  as well as passwords written down in an unsecure way ... It also avoids multiple use of the same password for several applications.

Evidian E-SSO as a service enters and changes application passwords automatically, on-behalf of the user. The service supports the definition of separate password policies for each application and enforces the application password policy at every level.
It secures access to hybrid environments, both to legacy and web applications, hosted on-premise and on cloud, maintaining existing infrastructure unchanged. As a result, your users will become more productive and will naturally comply with your security policy.

Evidian E-SSO can transparently manage strong passwords for each application. Through a particular policy, you can require a re-authentication to allow Single Sign-On to be performed on sensitive applications.

By managing passwords' lifecycle, Evidian Enterprise SSO ensures that accounts' passwords correspond to your corporate security policies.

Increase productivity

Evidian Enteprise SSO provides one unique authentication to login to authorized applications. Users are no longer required to type or memorize passwords across multiple applications, and significantly reduce time needed for daily tasks. Furthermore,  by reducing password fatigue it will also reduce calls to the helpdesk up to 50%.

Optimise your costs

Every call to the helpdesk generates costs. Thanks to Evidian E-SSO, you can reduce these calls by up to 50% as employees no longer lose application passwords. Moreover, you avoid the costly procedures that occur when accounts are locked after password errors.

Evidian E-SSO automatically draws up a list of active application accounts that can be periodically reported. This allows you to optimize the associated application license costs. Next to the on-premises installation, Evidian E-SSO is now also available as a SaaS based service. The service is offered on a subscription basis without initial investments in licenses and infrastructure (no CAPEX). Furthermore the service is offered both as a shared service and as a dedicated service.

Audit and report

You can monitor your employees’ attempts to access applications. An audit trail of all accesses, who accessed what at which time, is maintained and can be made available on request. This will enable you to demonstrate that your access policy is observed and fulfills its objectives.

Business Oriented - Ready to use

The main function of the product is to prevent users from entering a username and password for each application used. It also allows a user to delegate access to an application (define at enterprise level) to another user without having to disclose their password.

With Evidian E-SSO as a service, you benefit from a solution easy to deploy and ready to use, freeing your organization from administration tasks and infrastructure management.

Starting with E-SSO as a Service     -     Quick and easy deployment

No more access rights administration tasks     -     Secure user to user delegation

Password-free access to your mobile applications     -    Non-intrusive & universal solution                      


Starting with Evidian Enterprise SSO as a service

• When the solution is first started on a user’s workstation, user is registering through an OTP sent by email. No need to remember a master password. Registering on additionnal workstations will be made through OTP sent by email.
• Access to applications is simple but also with a high security level.
• Evidian Enterprise SSO can change the password automatically with random passwords according to a strict policy that you define.
• The service supports the definition of separate and different password policies for each application.
• The service enforces the application password policy at every level: length, complexity, random generation, modification and expiration.
• The passwords are stored in a secure personal vault that is protected with state-of-the-art encryption.
• The key to access the SSO data is linked to each user and registered workstation.
Secure access to hybrid environments, both web and non-web applications using login/password, can now be guaranteed while keeping your existing infrastructure unchanged.
• Through a particular policy, you can require a re-authentication to allow Single Sign-On to be performed on sensitive applications.

Quick and easy deployment

Evidian Enterprise SSO as a Service can be deployed quickly:
• Existing applications and repositories do not have to be modified.
• Existing accesses will be collected and reinforced. You do not have to redefine any access rights.
• The SSO as a service offers a set of self-service procedures. When enabled centrally, your end-users can securely self-enroll and register themselves to activate the Single Sign-On service.

No more access rights administration tasks

Managing users for dozens of applications has become time-consuming and also a financial handicap for the company. By centralizing and managing usernames and passwords, Evidian Enterprise SSO as a service allows administrators to spend  more time on developing other systems and improving performance rather than password management tasks.

Secure user to user delegation

With Enterprise SSO as a service, a user can delegate access to an application (define at enterprise level) to a colleague, without calling the helpdesk. He can do this without sharing his password, and for the time period he decides. The user can therefore anticipate his absence. The access delegated is logged and auditable.

Password-free access to your mobile applications

Evidian Enterprise SSO as a service delivers a solution that extends the Single Sign-On to Android and iOS tablets and mobile phones. It automatically and securely stores passwords in your mobile. It also enter application passwords for you. It synchronizes your credentials with your central vault in the cloud to make them available from your PC and mobile devices.

Non-intrusive and universal solution

You don’t have to modify any of your applications. Evidian Enterprise SSO activates Single Sign-On in many types of applications: Windows, web, terminal emulator, etc.

Evidian Enterprise SSO as a service can be run from a Windows workstation, Windows server, and from virtual desktops (Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare…).

Evidian Enterprise SSO as a Service is also available on-premises
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