Protect your critical applications, develop secure on-line services and reduce security management costs. You make your user’s daily tasks more secure, even for critical employees.

Govern in an optimized way the users’ access to relevant resources while controlling risk

Produce, collect, correlate data about authorization events and transform them into actionable intelligence with respect to compliance regulations, business security policies and corporate risk management objectives

Secure access to your workstations and servers in any situation (biometrics, smart cards, smartphone, QR Code, Multi Factor Authentication...). Cover all authentication scenarios, for a user accessing one or several PCs, or several users sharing the same PC.

Eliminates password login tasks from your applications without modifying them, securely. The user logs in only once, which boosts his or her efficiency and reduces the number of help desk calls.

Enable users to change their Windows password securely, connected or not connected to the network, without having to contact the help desk.

Adds SSO to your web applications from any place without modifying them: smartphone, iPad, internet kiosk,, in the cloud etc. There is nothing to install on your stations: accesses and rights are managed centrally.

Provides load balancing, synchronous real-time replication, automatic failover to your critical applications with a simple software. Save hardware costs of network load balancers, shared storage, replicated SAN.

Understand the DirX portfolio for Identity and Access Management.