What is the Web SSO?

Unique web authentication, known as the Web Single Sign-On, allows users to proceed using a Single Sign-On to access a group of web servers that require authentication.

The Web SSO considerably reduces the risk of losing usernames, and limits the number of helpdesk calls for locked-out users. Users no longer have to remember a large number of usernames and passwords for web servers with different technology.

The Web SSO therefore benefits users by simplifying access, and benefits the company by lightening the application support load.

Web SSO technologies

There are mainly two different techniques for setting up the Web SSO:


Agents Web SSO

Authentication requests are intercepted by an Agent module that must be inserted into the application. This agent takes cares of authentication and management of the application access control. This technology has several drawbacks:

Reverse proxies

Web SSO Reverse Proxy

An intermediate server, the reverse proxy, acts as a contact point between the user's web browser and the web server requiring protection.

The reverse proxy masks the protected web server by presenting different external URLs to the internal URLs. It becomes the communication point and can control access and carry out Single Sign-On operations. Ideally, it is not necessary to modify the protected application.

Nevertheless, this technology does have some drawbacks:

However, it also has several advantages:


Web SSO technology in Evidian Web Access Manager

Evidian Web Access Manager is based on the use of intelligent reverse proxies. Evidian Web Access Manager uses reverse-proxy technology, capable of deep processing of HTTP feeds between the user's browser and the protected web server.

 Web Access Manager Architecture

Web Access Manager uses configurable web proxies in three different modes, depending on usage constraints and the applications protected:

Web SSO Configurations

All of these configurations can be combined. Evidian Web Access Manager allows you to configure, use and administer several "portals" and "agents" in a single configuration, on one or several machines, from a single console.

Evidian Web Access Manager's Web SSO is non-intrusive for web applications.

A powerful processor for HTTP requests and responses

The core of Evidian Web Access Manager is based on analysing all the requests that pass between the client and the server. The request processor carries out the following tasks: