Web Access Manager Benefits

Secure access to your internal web applications

Evidian Web Access Manager, as a protocol switch between the internet and your applications, reinforces security by controlling access and encoding communications. From any browser, your users will not access your applications directly, but through Evidian Web Access Manager, which takes care of identification, single authentication and controlling user access rights. Evidian Web Access Manager is non-intrusive and does not modify protected applications.

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Facilitate access to your internal and external applications

Your users can access internal and external applications using the same authentication. The single authentication of Evidian Web Access Manager facilitates access to SaaS applications. Your users then automatically comply with your security policy.

Ensure the compliance of your application access

You can consult the central database for all application access attempts. In case of doubt, you can analyse all the traffic generated by a user, thereby demonstrating compliance with your security policy and fulfilment of its objectives.

Optimize your costs

Open your information system up to your travelling sales staff, without adding software to their mobile workstations. Thanks to the SSO, employees no longer lose application passwords. They are independent and even if they lose their usernames, users can unlock their accounts at any time without contacting support. Use the connection between Evidian Enterprise SSO and I&AM 9 to define individual access policies from internal workstations and access from web browsers and the cloud.