Web Access Management Principles

A single means of access from intranet to internet

Evidian Web Access Manager is a secure single authentication solution linking remote users to their web applications through a secure portal. Access to web applications, external to the company intranet, is taken care of by Evidian Web Access Manager. Evidian Web Access Manager ensures compliance with the web security policy for external access and internal workstations.

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Your applications become available over the web

Increasingly, applications should be available beyond the company intranet. Mobile users and partners want to access their messages or company applications in full security. How can you ensure that information access becomes simple and secure? With Evidian Web Access Manager, users can access their web applications from any airport, hotel room or client site – with any web browser, tablet or smartphone. A single password is needed to access your internal web applications remotely. Do you need to consult the company catalogue from a web browser on the network of one of your clients? Just connect and you can access it. Users only need to remember one password – if they forget it, they can unlock it themselves without contacting the helpdesk. Any internal web application can be accessed on the internet using Evidian Web Access Manager, whatever technology or authentication method is used, and whatever its location on the company network.

Protect your web applications

Evidian Web Access Manager encodes all traffic between your intranet and remote browsers. Your data is secure, even on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Evidian Web Access Manager masks intranet server URLs so that nobody can tell where they are really located on your application servers. Evidian Web Access Manager ensures a protocol switch between browsers and protected web applications and adapts to the secure segmentation of the network: DMZ, intranet or internet. Evidian Web Access Manager strengthens user authentication with a one-time password (OTP), smartcards, USB keys or certificates. Users can enter their login and password by clicking on a keyboard on the screen or choosing their authentication method based on the means of authentication available to them. Evidian Web Access Manager protects your company's critical web applications by controlling who has access to what. As user data can be distributed among several directories in the company, Evidian Web Access Manager is connected to all the existing user directories, and there is no need for duplication in user management.