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Best IAM Project award

The KuppingerCole "Best IAM Project" award goes to the Nantes university hospital project based on the Evidian solutions

KuppingerCole is a leading Europe-based analyst company specializing in IT security analysis focusing on identity management, in conventional and cloud environments. Its European Identity Award for “Best IAM Project” rewards the best identity management software and projects with the most innovative approach in solving major business issues.

Download this independent KuppingerCole report - European Identity & Cloud Award Best Identity and Access Management Project: Nantes University Hospital. You will understand why Evidian has been awarded best identity management software in this IAM project.

The Nantes university hospital has to manage a decentralized organization and a constant staff turnover. That is why the hospital introduced an automated SSO multi-service card with both contact and contactless attributes, providing a maximum of convenience with a minimum user effort.

The key reasons to look at the project from the KuppingerCole point of view were:

  • One multi-service card replaces multiple access methods
  • With the addition of single sign-on, application access is likewise eased
  • Both physical and logical access are easily provisioned and de-provisioned as needed
  • Non-employee external users added to system.
  • All 9 hospitals in the Nantes region are included in one single system

According to KuppingerCole: “Today the hospital can confirm that only the right people with the right level of access rights can access the right application and data”. This service can be replicated with Evidian in any hospital worldwide.

This other report explains why you should choose Evidian as the best identity management software for your IAM project: "who are the leaders among identity and access management solutions vendors?"

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