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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) White Papers

IGA for the extended enterprise [+]

This white paper describes the case of a retail company which implements centralized, shared and safely accessible services by its subsidiaries, its different establishments or shops without however creating administration overload.

ID Synchronization for a multi-directory identity repository [+]

User information is often stored in many places: Active Directory, HR applications, Oracle and SQL Server, e-mail base, LDAP sources… How can you get a single, reliable identity repository? By reconciling existing sources automatically, directory synchronization can help you maintain a central identity repository for all your users.

White paper Finance - Identity and Access Management [+]

A strategic tool to meet the requirements of the financial sector.

High-end LDAP/X.500 Directory Server [+]

This white paper describes an all-in-one solution for LDAP directory, LDAP high availability, LDAP scalability and metadirectory.

Identity Intelligence and Analytics [+]

This white paper describes how to implement security compliance with identity intelligence and how to audit security with security reports.

More information on our Identity Governance and Administration product [+]

Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) White Papers

Guide to enterprise single sign-on [+]

This white paper provides a panorama of enterprise SSO functions on the market today.

The 7 rules of successful SSO projects [+]

Illustrated with real-life examples, this white paper describes the best practices of single sign-on (SSO) projects.

Strong authentication - reduce hidden costs [+]

This white paper describes the most-used strong authentication methods, with their peculiarities.

More information on our Enterprise SSO [+] and Authentication Manager[+] products

Web SSO and Identity Federation White Papers

Web Access Authentication for Apps [+]

Why Authentication and access control should not be handled by Web applications?

Protect nomadic users’ web accesses [+]

You need to protect access by your mobile users?

More information on our Web SSO product [+]

High Availability (HA) Software White Papers (SafeKit)

High availability white paper [+]

This high availability white paper develops SafeKit software features for clustering a critical application with a software-only solution (network load balancing, synchronous real-time replication and automatic failover).

HA guide (high availability guide) [+]

This HA guide is illustrated with a real-life crisis situation. It helps you ask the right questions and provides guidelines for choosing a high availability solution.

More information on our SafeKit high availability product [+]

Analyst Reports

KuppingerCole report – European Identity & Cloud Award 2015 Best Identity and Access Management Project: Nantes University Hospital [+]

In this KuppingerCole report, discover why the Nantes university hospital was awarded for its innovative approach in identity and access management (IAM) with Evidian.

KuppingerCole Report – Identity and access management solutions vendors: who are the leaders [+]

According to KuppingerCole : “Evidian is well-known for its leading-edge Enterprise SSO offerings, but also has a strong offering for other areas of IAM/IAG. Most features are tightly integrated into the platform […] That makes the Evidian offering also a good choice for medium-sized businesses.

KuppingerCole Report – Best single sign-on solutions [+]

According to KuppingerCole : “Evidian is highly experienced in providing smooth, proven, secure solutions for E-SSO. […] Evidian is among the clear Leaders in the E-SSO market segment and a logical pick for shortlists in that area

Compliance White Papers

Basel III compliance and identity and access management [+]

Basel III Compliance - The contribution of identity and access management.




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