Analytics and Intelligence

Data-driven Identity and Access Management

Effective cybersecurity now demands automation and AI to work in conjunction for threat identification, mitigation and management. As businesses move to become digital enterprise they must continually scrutinise their operations, security processes and IT environements.

Fixing pain points and detecting threats

Global cybersecurity risks are increasing. According to a 2017 study by Juniper Networks and Vanson Bourne: 34 % of cybersecurity executives believe that the lack of visibility into threats is the main painpoint for their organization. The study also highlight the fact that careless employees and poor threat visibility are considered as major security concerns by respectively 55 % and 29% of respondents.

Security and compliance are daily issue when it comes to Identity and Access Management. In an increasingly risky environment for corporations, CISOs and Administrators need enhanced processing and analysis capabilities to leverage and review data produced by their IAM systems and investigate security events related to users’ lifecycle and entitlements usage.

Identity Analytics

Identity analytics is the next evolution of Identity and Access Management products. The combination of big data and advanced analytics improves identity governance and administration processes through the continuous monitoring of your environment of risk. Using analytics techniques increases the effectiveness of access certification and access rights policy management by highlighting Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) to detect high-risk users, excessive access, dormant or orphaned accounts and abnormal user behaviors. READ MORE ABOUT PRODUCT FEATURES >>

Customer Benefits

Easily identify risks

The performance indicators provided with the product allow you to monitor activities considered to be at risk, whether done by a user or an administrator, such as Segregation of Duties violations, password changes, direct assignations and launch remediation processes. Let's see how >>

Investigate events and analyze trends

Evidian Analytics and Intelligence allows a fine-grained auditing of your IAM system, backed by strong analytic capabilities using different data sources, criteria and custom views. The trends of the Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) of your business allows you to detect atypical behaviors (e.g. repeated requests for exceptional rights for a user) and react accordingly. Let's see how >>

Track suspicious practices

With the audit analysis functionality, Evidian Analytics and Intelligence places data into your daily operation. Through a business-oriented interface Evidian A&I allows you to track audit events and find the root cause of practices that you would consider abnormal or outside the normal use of the Identity and Access Management system. Check the features >>

Extend your monitoring and alerting capabilities

Deep integration between Evidian A&I and Nagios® provides an efficient mean for quickly detecting suspicious behaviors that occur on your IAM system, get alerted and act in consequence. Check the features >>

Optimize costs

The Evidian IAM Suite allows you to supervise and secure access to Cloud applications while mastering their costs. Accounts for Cloud applications are created dynamically, at the time the user requests access. Evidian Analytics and Intelligence capabilities gives you the means to monitor enrollments to Cloud applications and verify that the costs that are invoiced correspond to your usage.