What is Identity as a Service – IDaaS?

IDaaS is a ready to use SaaS-based identity and access management solution that enables businesses to adopt an Identity-driven security approach while benefiting from a highly scalable service and flexible pricing. IDaaS offerings integrate Multifactor authentication, Single Sign-on and management of user identities lifecycle.


What is Evidian IDaaS Access?

Evidian IDaas Access is the recently launched SaaS-based service that provides secured SSO, Identity Federation, Multifactor authentication, and access control to critical assets. Evidian IDaaS Access offers secure access to a large panel of preconfigured SaaS application and fast service onboarding.

Evidian IDaaS is a key component of Atos global security offers

Secure remote work

Implement flexible and secure solutions
to ensure remote workers are
well protected.

On the road to Zero Trust

Are you sure only the right people access to the right ressources at the right time, for legacy, modern, mobile, APIs...

Cloud security

How to move securely to the cloud, how
to keep control on all data while
benefiting from the flexibility of the cloud ?

Frictionless and secure access

Users expect a totally frictionless
in their corporate
digital journey

Evidian IDaaS key capabilities

Multi-factor Authentication

Increase security when verifying user identity with multifactor authentication using knowledge, possession, inherence, user context.

Single Sign-On

Enable users to login once and access multiple services and resources securely, increasing user experience and reducing risk.

Identity Federation

Identity Federation allows the visitor's preferred credentials to be used for authentication to applications.

IDaaS can help you meet GDPR compliance

To answer the growing needs of the market for GDPR guidance and GDPR-ready software, Atos Evidian explains the key aspects and features of Evidian IAM products that provide solutions to comply with GDPR requirements related to User Access and Security of Processing (Art. 5 to Art.32).
While no single technology will by itself ‘solve’ GDPR, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is explicitly or implicitly required at every stage of the compliance process.

IDaaS is part of the Evidian IAM Suite
and integrates smoothly with Evidian On Premise products

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

A single authentication for all applications using passwords.

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Identity Governance and Administration

Control identities and rights to enable business transformation

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Authentication Manager

Multi-Factor authentication framework for windows.

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The simplest cluster with zero extra hardware

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Analytics and Intelligence

Detect Suspicious behaviour and improve governance

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