Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Who can access what in your company? Information is a more critical resource than ever, and organizations must reconcile two imperatives: maintaining confidentiality and ensuring access control, without harming the company’s flexibility. Until now, and in many companies still to this day, rules for allocating access were managed by burdensome paper processes. With the Evidian Identity and Access Management suite, access will be more quickly and securely available. Settings are managed and applied automatically. Evidian Identity and Access Management will bring real changes to the daily routine of everyone in your company.

  • Users will have faster access to the information they need
  • Their managers will have authorization rights
  • Administrators will be ¬†freed from the burden of managing authorizations

For everyone, access control will no longer be seen as a constraint, but instead an opportunity for optimization.

Everyone can save time and be more efficient


New employees can start work more quickly and their rights are established automatically in accordance with their responsibilities (additional validation steps may be added if required). Users can manage and request more rights by simply sending an e-mail. If users change role, their access rights are adjusted accordingly.

Authorization staff

Administrators no longer need to manage all access rights, as professional non-technical managers can now assign rights to users. Managing access rights has got simpler. Everything operates from an identity repository created by defining the access rules for the various roles and responsibility levels.

A rapid return on investment for the company

New users can become operational more quickly and administrators no longer need to manage access rights. In addition, Evidian Identity and Access Management records the real use of software licences in greater detail.

Compliance with regulatory constraints

Evidian Identity and Access Management allows you to comply with the security policy and reduce risks (rights automatically withdrawn from employees who no longer need them, policy based on an up-to-date user database, etc.). Above all, Evidian Identity and Access Management guarantees compliance with a regulatory context of increased personal responsibility. Information is compartmentalized, ensuring compliance with integrity and confidentiality rules. And the effectiveness of measures can be proven at any time by presenting compliance reports to external auditors.

Flexibility to adapt and develop alongside your organizational structure

Evidian Identity & Access Management is a standard product which is easy to implement:

  • It can be used immediately
  • It requires no modification of existing applications
  • It is compatible with your infrastructure
  • You do not need to modify your current user database

Evidian Identity & Access Management adapts to your organizational structure

  • It lets you model access to client applications in the form of roles that can be understood by operators
  • It gives an inventory and analysis of the access policy, which you can implement through a process of “reconciliation”
  • Workflow processes allow approval cycles to be automated and automatically adapt if the policy is modified

Evidian Identity & Access Management supports the company in all its activities and developments:

  • Unified management of the “extended” company (subcontractors, clients, etc.)
  • Extension of the installation in the event of a merger/acquisition

Extended company

The issue

Recent technical developments offer companies new possibilities for developing their activities. The rapid expansion of the internet and cloud computing and the multiple ways of accessing information allow companies to implement activities and processes beyond the traditional boundaries of technical environments, which are physically partitioned “within a building”. For example, an international financial entity, hospital group or distribution company may now wish to offer centralized and shared services, which can be securely accessed from their branches, various shops and premises. These entities still need reassurance about the security, facility and traceability of access to the services they offer without increasing the administrative burden of these services. They must be able to delegate local user administration to intermediate managers or allow end users to make access requests by triggering the required validation processes to ensure that the request is well founded.

Our Identity and Access Management solution

Evidian IAM Suite, particularly the Identity & Access Manager and Web Access Manager products, allows these organizations to set up centralized web services while delegating user administration to their immediate managers and ensuring easy and secure access. A professional institution was able to open up its services to 5,000 member companies and their 100,000 employees via a portal. Authorizations are delegated to a manager for each member company. Evidian IAM Suite ensures access control, in compliance with the authorizations delegated.



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