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How single sign-on helped 5000 clinicians focus on front-line care

The Trust deployed Evidian Enterprise SSO, a single sign-on solution from leader in identity and access management Evidian across its three main hospital sites to simplify access to key hospital applications, enabling its 5000 staff to better focus on the delivery of essential front-line healthcare services.

Evidian Enterprise SSO enables clinicians to use all web-based services and client based applications with a single user login and password. By replacing all the passwords with a digital signature based on a certificate smart card, users can access all the different applications they need with one easy-to-remember password. In particular, Evidian Enterprise SSO gives access, in a single point of use, to a wide range of applications including the clinical context management which provides a unified view of a specific focus, a patient or patient encounter for example, across multiple clinical applications.

Ed Sturt, Head of IT. "By simplifying access to essential applications, staff need only to log-in once to carry out essential daily activities, freeing up their time and resources to focus on patient care."

This case study describes the use of Evidian Enterprise SSO in Hampshire Hospitals - NHS Foundation Trust .

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