Evidian > Evidian integriert den Herzschlag als Authentisierungsmethode

Evidian integriert den Herzschlag als Authentisierungsmethode

Atos introduces the Nymi Band™ wristband to its Evidian Enterprise SSO unique authentication solution

Atos, leader in digital transformation, is launching, under its technological brand Bull, a new, ultra-secure authentication method in its Evidian Enterprise SSO solution. It will now use the Nymi Band, an authentication wristband based on a person's heartbeat, to enable Always On Authentication™. In partnership with Nymi, the leader in wearable authentication devices and creator of the Nymi Band, Atos is now offering users a new way to securely access their data and critical applications via multi-factor authentication.

Based on advanced biometric methods from Nymi like HeartID™ or Always On Authentication, the Evidian Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On) solution allows users to authenticate themselves and stay authenticated, and to easily and securely communicate with authorized workstations, either via Bluetooth Low Energy technologies or via NFC (Near Field Communication).

Evidian Enterprise SSO is thereby offering an alternative to conventional security products, such as biometric identification at terminals, chips or card readers. This solution represents a major advance for sectors such as health, the pharmaceutical industry and research laboratories, as users can now sign in, hands-free, by simply pressing their Nymi Band against an NFC reader. They are then authenticated by Bluetooth and, thanks to wireless connection, remain so until they leave their workstation.

This enables employees to benefit from a simplified and ultra-protected user experience to authenticate themselves and access company data and applications without having to remember and enter passwords.

"It is an entirely unique experience for end users: this innovative authentication will make the way they work simpler while guaranteeing company security. Together, Atos and Nymi will be able to attain operational excellence, even in the most sensitive of fields, while continuing to offer optimal user convenience for their teams," explains Louis-Marie Fouchard, manager of the Identity Management product range at Atos.

"We are delighted to work with partners like Atos to offer a new form of authentication aimed in particular at the health and pharmaceuticals sectors. The unique Always On Authentication technology of the Nymi Band enables clinicians, doctors and nursing staff to easily access their data while maintaining complete security, without using their hands or having to remember a PIN or a password. The combined solution brings together security and convenience like never before," declares Shawn Chance, Vice President of Strategy at Nymi.