Evidian Identity Governance and Administration offer is extended with the Risk-driven Access Certification

Launch of Evidian Identity Governance and Administration Evolution 1

Risk management is already at the core of the Evidian Identity Governance and Administration philosophy, and the Evolution 1 will enable customers to conduct account review campaigns by selecting the risk levels associated with the rights and roles of the users to be certified. This approach will give the ability to focus on accounts with a high risk level and make the account review process tailored to the company's security and agility needs. Campaign managers focus on the most critical rights, avoiding tedious, misleading and time-consuming tasks. Levels of responsibility are defined and allow organizations to assign the right responsibility to the right participant. Campaign monitoring dashboards enable to efficiently manage the account review process.

The Evolution 1 also reinforces the management of changes related to the evolution of organizations including its users and associated rights. In addition, it greatly expands the criteria for configuring the criticality levels of applications to act dynamically in the process of requesting access rights.