Evidian > Atos verbessert die Evidian SafeKit Software für Hochverfügbarkeit

Atos verbessert die Evidian SafeKit Software für Hochverfügbarkeit

Through its technology brand Bull, Atos is launching Evidian SafeKit 7 Evolution 2, a replication solution with 3 nodes that combines high availability of mission-critical applications and disaster recovery.

Bezons, 30 November 2016

Atos, an international leader in digital services, announced today via its technology brand Bull the development of its high-availability software, Evidian Safekit: a 3-node replication further enhancing the capabilities for disaster recovery without compromising the simplicity of implementation and operation. Evidian, the European leader in identity and access management (IAM), offers solutions guaranteeing that only the right people access the right resources with the required rights for the right business reasons. Evidian Safekit guarantees 24/7 operation of mission-critical applications quickly and simply.

The unavailability of identity and access management in a company means that users cannot authenticate themselves and therefore have no access to their applications. That is why Evidian's IAM offer includes an option for business continuity and for load-balancing: SafeKit. This purely software-based solution is generic and can be applied to other critical applications in many diverse areas (finance, transport, telecom, health, etc.). Evidian SafeKit is a high-availability software combining load-balancing, real-time replication of data and automatic application failover after a hardware or a software failure. Using SafeKit is very simple and does not require any particular know-how in the domain of high availability. It can be implemented in a standard hardware infrastructure which may be virtualised.

Today, SafeKit offers a new functionality for 3-node replication on Windows. The 3-node replication is an extension of the mirror application module. It replicates data on a third node which is to be held at a remote recovery location after a disaster (DR or Disaster Recovery site).

Louis-Marie Fouchard, Business unit Manager Identity & Access Management (IAM) at Atos, explains: "Software publishers very often produce applications that run on Windows. However, the standard clustering solution does not offer synchronous real-time replication – and even less 3-node replication. Everything is left to the external storage system, which is time-consuming and complex to configure. This complex setup and the cost of clustering hardware are incompatible with the requirements of a software publisher who wishes to add a software option with high availability to his catalogue – one that is simple and straightforward to implement. Besides, clients are very demanding when it comes to high availability of critical applications. For example, they request a 3-node replication in 3 separate computer rooms. One of the computer rooms is rather special: it is a disaster recovery room for failover when the other two rooms are out of service. Always keeping in mind the concept of an easy-to-use product, the deployment of this 3-node replication solution with SafeKit is just as easy as a deployment with 2 nodes. Everything is integrated in the web administration console. Evidian SafeKit differentiates itself once again on the high-availability market by its simplicity to operate, despite its extremely advanced functionalities, such as the 3-node replication."

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