Evidian > Launch of Evidian Enterprise SSO aaS to eliminate Cloud and On-premises application passwords

Launch of Evidian Enterprise SSO aaS to eliminate Cloud and On-premises application passwords

With proven experience in identity federation and self-service password reset services, Atos offers a new service in SaaS mode for Enterprise Single Sign-On: E-SSO aaS. Being the only hybrid offer on the market, it enables users to access their applications, without entering passwords, both in the Cloud and on-premises.

The service is operated as part of Atos Managed Security Services and it is based on Evidian Enterprise SSO.

E-SSO aaS provides single sign-on for access to Web and non-Web applications, thus simplifying users’ daily lives by freeing them from password management and renewal as well as helping the security manager to reinforce the security of application access.

Users request and activate Single Sign-On via a simple self-service process and benefit from instant access to their applications without having to worry about memorizing and entering their passwords.

With this new offer, the client is freed from infrastructure implementation and service management tasks. Deploying E-SSO aaS is quick and simple. It is subscription based without upfront investments in licenses and infrastructure. The datacenters, where the service is delivered from, comply with ISO 27001 regulations – the service allows you to comply with GDPR and other regulations. This solution guarantees operational excellence.

The increasing number of cloud applications as well as the enterprise’s legacy applications require the implementation of secure access management solutions. The innovation provided by Atos with this non-intrusive offer is that it addresses these two Web and non-Web worlds, automating user access after session authentication. It is available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Louis-Marie Fouchard, Product line manager for Atos Identity and Access Management products, explains: «Atos, a leader in Managed Security Services and recognized by clients and analysts around the world, proposes its Evidian Enterprise SSO offer in SaaS mode. The solution answers business customers’ needs: delegate SSO management to enable access to Cloud and on premise applications with a single authentication. The service allows to set security policies to enforce compliance with regulations, while optimizing costs. We offer our clients a secure and easy transition to SaaS mode. No application modification is required.»