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Evidian at the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2013


Evidian, as the leader of the PREDYKOT project, will participate to the the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2013 on 4-5 December in Stockholm, Sweden.

Evidian will welcome visitors on the PREDYKOT booth, and demonstrate how advanced  Identity and Access Management technology will soon contribute to cyber-security for existing Smart Grid installations in Spain.

PREDYKOT is dedicated to security intelligence. The project will provide an innovative, modular and consistent suite to ensure that a security policy remains efficient whatever changes occur to it: administrative, contextual etc.

Evidian is delivering several modules for identity and access intelligence. This includes a complete authorization chain, a smart node providing information about users’ activity, reasoning engines on users’ activity and on administrative changes, and a steering portal for security officers.

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About the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit

On 4-5 December, the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2013 will be held in Scandic Infra Business Center  in Stockholm, Sweden. This will be the 6th edition of the Co-summit, organised by ITEA – the EUREKA Cluster on software-intensive systems and services – and by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking on embedded systems. This year's Co-summit featuring international keynote speakers, a high level panel discussion, an inspiring project exhibition including speakers’ corners fuelled by the project teams themselves, is dedicated to:  Software innovation: boosting high-tech employment and industry.

The European ICT industry as well as ICT-enabled innovation in non-ICT industries and services make an increasingly important contribution to the growth of developed economies. Advanced automation is key to strengthening European manufacturing industries, enabling Europe to counter the employment shift to low-wage countries. The transnational innovative projects in ITEA and ARTEMIS are a significant factor in propelling Europe to boost its high tech industry and its employment to keep Europe prosperous.

During the entire Co-summit, visitors will be able to roam around the project exhibition and share insights with key representatives from more than 80 leading European R&D&I projects. Both ITEA and ARTEMIS projects and their results will be showcased in terms of innovation, business impact and exploitation. This year, the exhibition will include a special focus area with projects related to the topic of 'Smart Cities'.

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