Qui sont les leaders de la gestion des identités et des accès ?


L'analyste européen KuppingerCole positionne Evidian IGA "Market leader" dans son rapport Leadership Compass de 2020 axé sur la gouvernance et l'administration des identités - IGA.

Dans ce rapport, disponible en anglais uniquement, les analystes comparent et classent les solutions de gouvernance et d'administration des identités pour aider les clients à identifier les leaders du marché IGA : "The Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market is continuing to evolve through more integrated Identity Provisioning and Access Governance solutions that are now increasingly aided by intelligent features.
This Leadership Compass will give an overview and insights into the IGA market, providing you a compass to help you find the products that can meet the criteria necessary for successful IGA deployments."

Concernant Evidian, les analystes déclarent : "The Evidian solution goes beyond Identity Provisioning and Access Governance to offer an integrated approach to core IAM requirements. Evidian delivers an integrated IAM product which covers all major aspects of IGA. Besides the core provisioning capability, the product is tightly integrated with the SSO (Single Sign-On) and Access Management solutions offered by Evidian."

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