Fully-featured access management as-a-service

We know that every customer is different: templates can not be the answer for everything.
For this reason, we will always be comitted to address your specific needs

  • Provide fine-grained control over who accesses any of your Cloud assets, from one central point
  • Synchronize user identities from your AD (or directory) to Evidian IDaaS
  • Invite your partners to securely access your cloud ecosystem with full control and traceability
  • Support Identity Federation: control access to resources while delegating partner identity authentication to an external IdP
  • Integrate your legacy applications on-premise or in the cloud with an Evidian WAM Gateway
  • Benefit from Evidian IDaaS and allow users authentication on your AD domain,  without relying on additional authentication methods


IDaaS-SSO-Single Sign-On

Transparent Single Sign-On - SSO

In today's digital world, each of us expect the same convenience at work that we experience at home.

Evidian IDaaS let your users authenticate once to transparently access all entitled web resources. While their satisfaction has increased, you also improve overall security level: every suppressed (avoided) password is one less attack vector.

Evidian IDaaS also integrates your on-premises and on the cloud applications to your Transparent SSO. 


  • SSO for all web resources (Legacy*, Modern, Mobile; APIs...)

  • Same user experience across all terminals

  • Less helpdesk calls to improve economics

  • Faster adoption of new applications

  • Predefined application catalog for quicker integration

  • Leverage modern Federation protocol

*Requires Evidian WAM

Integrated strong authentication

Evidian IDaaS includes a comprehensive list of authentication methods

Simple Login/Password     -     Password plus email OTP

Password plus Software OTP     -     Password plus FIDO 2.0/Webauthn

Evidian QRentry     -     Evidian Authenticator Push     -     Certificates

Strong Multi-Factor Authentication methods (MFA)
are built as a combinaison of

Personalized and responsive  access portal

Evidian IDaaS adapts to the needs all organizations, regardless of size, to provide a highly customizable standalone access portal or the capacity to integrate into preexisting corporate portals.

Ready to use access portal encompassing self-service user facilities and links to authorized services, plus a personal list of user preferred services. All your enterprise valuable web assets are just one click away for your users and always securely accessed.

Evidian IDaaS connect SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate all available user-facing features to any of your existing webpages such as your intranet, with respect to your  graphic guidelines. 

Web resources protection, the right way

Your resources deserve the best protection. Nowadays, a company's IT assets tend to be mainly web accessible, yet there is a variety of such services: modern web applications, REST APIs, legacy* web resources, mobile apps...

And that is to be combined with other parameters: do we speak about homebrew applications? hosted on-premises or in the cloud? SaaS applications? Accessed from a PC, a tablet, an iPhone or a Chromebook?... Evidian IDaaS is a versatile solution that helps you answer these challenges... and more!

*Requires Evidian WAM

Identity federation     -     API protection     -     Next generation authentication

Single Sign-on     -     Connect Toolkit     -     Security


Identity federation to secure your SaaS/Cloud assets

From a simple central point of access to your SaaS business applications to complex scenarios involving suppliers and consumers, keep control of your  important assets. 

Evidian IDaaS extensively supports Identity Federation standards, acting as an Identity provider to authenticate internal users toward SaaS apps, as a service provider to let you securely publish your own services or even as an IdP proxy to allow your partners' users access your resources in a trustworthy way. 

API protection for a modern IT

REST APIs are the way toward modernization, either to create custom applications or to open your IT to the outer world.

Delegate the burden of protecting your APIs to Evidian IDaaS: it can both manage API authorization with OAuth 2.0 and let you securely publish your APIs with access protection, ensuring only the right resources are accessed by the right app at any time.

Next generation authentication

Passwords have been identified as a vector of data breach for a long time now.

Evidian IDaaS comes with a large catalog of embedded authentication methods. From passwords combined with OTPs,  TOTP, or FIDO tokens to next generation authentication means : patented challenge-response Evidian QRentry or Push Authentication with Evidian Authenticator mobile app, and up to X509 certificates based authentication. Even third party authentication services (such as Gemalto, RSA, Double Octopus, ...) can be seamlessly integrated.

SSO (Single Sign-on) to SaaS, mobile apps, on-prem or cloud applications

Security is not all about encryption, all security strategies must take into account the human factor. Today, the average internet user possesses more than one hundred online accounts, which means just a few passwords to remember and a lot of associated poor behaviors (password re-use, weak password, password sharing, etc...).

Leveraging Evidian universal SSO combined with strong authentication, drastically diminishes your exposed attack surface and makes it much harder to exploit compromised credentials. In the meantime user experience is enhanced : one unique point of access whatever the location, whatever the device, to access all his work tools. 

Connect Toolkit: seamless and secure digital experience

With the embedded "Connect Toolkit", easily integrate  all user facing functionalities of Evidian IDaaS into one of your existing website. User can authenticate, access corporate resources, enroll their smartphone as Authentication mean, check their profile... No modification is required for content and styling of the pages, just add actions to any existing HTML elements. 


IDaaS is built for modern web security. It offers a wide variety of authentication methods, access control to different Web resources, SSO... 

By default, fine tuning of SSL protocol, secured Certificates handling, anti-replay mechanisms, hardened cookies, CORS protection, allows for trust in protecting of the information streams with the highest security level. 

No plugin is necessary for Web browsers nor modifications of applications required.

Self-service of IDaaS user accessible features, helps secure behaviors and limits the need for help desk calls. The autonomous user does not need to contact a third party and provide sensitive information to get assistance. This function includes the following:

  • Changing password (for second factor methods)
  • Reseting password, by Q&A, OTP, Push, Certificate...
  • Enrolling and managing authentication methods
  • Accessing profile and updating it according to organization rules

In addition, Evidian IDaaS can be conveniently linked to CASB, Cloud security and Network security as a Service solutions to complement your level of protection.

Cornerstone of a Zero Trust strategy: IDaaS solutions provide a comprehensive set of features to support organizations in attaining a Zero Trust Security model. It prepares organizations to align their IAM with their Cloud strategy, with zero trust in mind.



Evidian Access Management certified by McAfee

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Program certifies Atos Cybersecurity Products for its MVISION Cloud products.

Trustway for data protection and Evidian for access management are compatible with the McAfee Cloud access security broker CASB. The combined offer ensures greater control to customers for their data encryption and Identity and Access Management needs across their multi-cloud environment. Atos is now the first partner certified by McAfee SIA for MVISION Cloud products.

McAfee and Atos have also partnered to provide a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Service combining best of breed technology from McAfee MVISION Cloud and Atos’ cybersecurity capabilities.



Unified cloud identity and access management solution for ultimate security

Atos and Google Cloud form a global partnership to deliver secure hybrid Cloud, data analytics & machine learning, digital workplace and collaboration solutions, to bring organizations new secure business solutions.

Atos integrates to this solution a unified cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.

Acting as a single identity provider and management system for all platforms, cloud and on-premise, this new solution, based on Evidian software from Atos, enables organizations to keep control of all identities that need access to their business systems, providing them with ultimate security.


Unified cloud identity and access management solution

To help with regulation compliance

To answer the growing needs of our customers for guidance and GDPR-ready software, Atos with the Evidian IAM Suite present the key aspects and features of our Identity and Access Management products that will empower your organization in a context of strengthened regulation.

While no single technology will by itself ‘solve’ GDPR, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is explicitly or implicitly required at every stage of the compliance process.
This document highlights how IAM solutions answer GDPR requirements related to User Access and Security of Processing (Art. 5 to Art.32).

The Evidian IAM Suite can be integrated to the Atos Continuous Improvement Cycle, among many elements in the wide range of security, monitoring and process improvement tools allowing dealing with the wide ranging impacts of GDPR.

Download our White Paper:Powering GDPR - Identity & Access Management in your compliance journey” to get an insight into what Evidian IAM Suite can bring to your GDPR approach.

IDaaS is part of the Evidian IAM Suite
and integrates perfectly with all its on-premise products

Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On)

A single authentication for all applications using passwords.

Identity Governance and Administration

Control identities and rights to enable business transformation

Authentication Manager

Multi-Factor authentication framework for windows.


The simplest cluster
with zero
extra hardware

Analytics and Intelligence

Detect Suspicious behaviour and improve governance