здравоохранение - Guaranteed medical confidentiality without compromising effective care

Protect your personal data, Electronic Health Records, professional smartcards and more. Access to health information must be increasingly easy and fast, without compromising confidentiality in any way.

Evidian offers identity and access management solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of healthcare establishments (high staff turnover, 24/7 operations). Our solutions simplify the allocation and use of access rights so that doctors can give patients their full attention.

Confidentiality of medical files

As roles are pre-defined on the basis of the duties and departments of each staff member, you can be sure that only authorised staff can access the right information at the right time. Evidian solutions guarantee that you can meet the confidentiality requirements for medical ethics and the CNIL (French Data Protection Agency).

Vital information available 24/7

With Evidian solutions, doctors are identified using a smartcard or badge – no password is needed on any terminal. If the card or electronic badge is lost, Evidian offers a range of secure backup identification solutions for immediate emergency access. For example, the most recent Evidian innovation, QRentry, lets you unlock a session with your smartphone using a QR code.

Mobile use

In hospitals and elsewhere, there is a trend for increasing use of personal mobile terminals. Evidian solutions give doctors fully secure access to patient information from their medical surgery, using their smartphone or tablet. These solutions can also be used for establishing mobile sessions for bedside access in hospitals.

Personal responsibility

For interns, placement students, external staff, staff-managed devices, etc. Ensuring that individuals are held responsible for their actions means that personal access to information must be granted for each level of authorisation. By using automated identity management solutions, Evidian can rapidly deliver customised access rights. Kiosk mode allows the management of fast user switching on multi-user terminals, ensuring both efficiency and confidentiality.

Regulatory compliance

Hospitals are responsible for the confidentiality of medical data. With Evidian solutions, not only you can divide up access rights, but also rapidly assess the measures taken and present an access record for checks and audits.

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    Sint Franciscus hospital (Rotterdam, NL) chose Evidian for its IAM and SSO solutions and knowhow of the healthcare sector to ensure that personal health data remains confidential.

    EPSM decided to strengthen security while eliminating the constraints of passwords, using instead healthcare professional smart card for authentication.