Web SSO & Identity Federation with Web Access Manager

Web SSO & Identity Federation with Web Access Manager

Increasingly, your company's applications need to be available beyond the intranet, and accessible via internet.

Mobile users and partners want to access their messages or company applications in full security. How can you ensure that information access becomes simple and secure?

How can you provide fully secure access to accounts for external web applications outside the company premises and use the new possibilities of the cloud and SaaS effectively?

Evidian Web Access Manager (WAM) allows you to manage access to web applications and replace all user passwords with a single means of authentication:

  • For access to internal and external web applications
  • Without modifying applications
  • Strengthening internet security

Secure access to your internal and SaaS applications from anywhere

Your users will securely access to your internal Web applications from Internet and using any Web browser.

Easily Implement Multi Factor Authentication and adaptive authentication

Facilitate access to your internal and external applications

Strong authentication methods and access control will protect your internal and external published applications.

Optimize your costs

Open your information system up to your travelling sales staff, without adding software to their mobile workstations. Reduce the cost of lost passwords and access to Cloud applications.

A single means of access from intranet and internet

Evidian Web Access Manager ensures compliance with the web security policy for external and internal access.

Your applications become available over the web

Applications should be available beyond the company intranet. Any internal web application can be accessed and published on the internet to your mobile users.

Protect your web applications

Evidian Web Access Manager strengthens user authentication with strong authentication methods.

An integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) for the web and your office computer

The Single Sign-On is truly integrated from the office workstation PCs to the web. The same one-time password works in both situations. And if an application password is changed in the office, Web SSO access continues to work remotely and reciprocally.

A Web SSO compatible with company environments

It is not necessary to modify the configuration of protected servers. Evidian Web Access Manager is neutral, it adapts to the company environment and architecture.

A customized and flexible Web SSO for your needs

Customize your portal pages and display only the protected services for each user. You may also include dynamically the authentication links and services inside your protected web pages without any modification in your web application.

A Web SSO to secure internal and external applications

Access and control connections to your hosted web servers, or use the SAML protocol to authenticate to SaaS applications.

Auditing, load balancing, high availability and supported environments

Web Access Manager generates detailed Audit events with the full description of Web-SSO activities. High Availability and Load Balancing options are available on all platforms.

To learn more about our solution, check which environments are supported by the Web Access Manager solution.

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