How the SafeKit software can simplify and reduce costs of a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP DRP)?

A Business Continuity Plan needs to use network load balancing boxes for scalability of Web services, a shared disk to recover data, and a failover toolkit delivered in Enterprise editions of Operating Systems and databases. The Disaster Recovery Plan makes the solution more complex and increases the cost by requiring disk bays replicated across a SAN between two geographically remote rooms.

SafeKit is unique on the market because this simple software-only product includes 3 products in 1:

  1. Load balancing network boxes for scalability.
  2. Replication of disk bays across a SAN for disaster recovery.
  3. Failover toolkit for application high availability.

Without shared disk or dedicated load balancing servers, SafeKit can replicate any database or file. It works with the standard editions of Windows and Linux. It can adapt to applications with the standard edition of databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle…). The SafeKit replication has the same properties as the synchronous real-time replication on a SAN: only modified data is replicated in real time through the network. So, with a simple piece of software, you can build at the same time your Business Continuity Plan and your Disaster Recovery Plan.