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Founded in 2007, GLOBAL INFO provides services and experience in three various fields of activity such as integration of IT solutions, on-demand business application development, and formation.

As a key player for the digital transformation and change management projects, GLOBAL INFO delivers full, reliable and long term IT solutions to its clients. The company offers high added value technologies which are built with key partnerships such as Microsoft.


GLOBAL INFO provides Identity and Access Management solutions (IAM), more specific expertise on Federated Identity Mangement (FIM), and password management with Single Sign On solutions in an hybrid environment.


IAM and SSO provides the transfer of identity informations via various trust domaines and SaaS applications. The combination of these solutions offer more simplicity and control.


GLOBAL INFO supports you with the implementation of the federated identity solutions and SSO to :

–        Automate provisionning and decommissionning of user accounts in an hybrid infrastructure

–        Reduce the workload of helpdesk support for the incidents management related to passwords.