Brochure: Boost PIV compliance with Enterprise Access Management

Take full advantage of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card with Single Sing-On (SSO) and Authentication Management

This brochure describes how USA federal agencies can take full advantage of their smartcard infrastructure adopting Evidian Enterprise SSO.

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program

To remediate security issues, federal agencies adopted the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program, a new authentication system based on Smart cards and public Key Infrastructure.

Deploying this new system was expensive, but nothing compared to the actual cost of enforcing smartcard use across multiple systems, applications and devices.

Enterprise SSO, the indispensable companion for smart card deployment

With Evidian Authentication Management (EAM), Evidian Enterprise SSO and Authentication manager software’s from Atos, federal agencies can take full advantage of their smartcard infrastructure.

EAM helps its customers enforce smartcard logon, using the native Microsoft authentication system. Smartcard logon compliance is fully audited. With EAM, organizations also extend the security that comes with smartcard logon to most of their applications without having to modify those applications.

EAM comes with a safe yet easy solution to unlock workers who lose or forget their smartcards. Thanks to EAM, password security is enforced, yet there are no more passwords to remember, type and change and there is no more password reset calls. Beyond security benefits, EAM boosts smartcard adoption, improve workers’ productivity and reduce support costs.

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